Topdressing is the practice of applying fertiliser, manure, or compost over the surface of the lawn or green. This application evens the surface and aids the prevention of thatch build up by providing a more attractive environment for microorganisms while also prolonging the effects of aeration by physically preventing the closure of aeration holes.

Model VariantWorking Width (m)Hopper Capacity (m3)Max. Working Speed (km/h)Minimum Tractor HP Requirement
Rink DS800 Trailed120.82525
Rink DS16002-141.62535
Rink 162222.52535
Rink TB9500.950.33--
Rink SP9500.950.33--
Rink H15001.50.4-24
Rink 10101.50.753020
Rink 12101.813020
Rink DS800 Mounted 120.8--
Rink DS3800143.82560
Rink H6200.60.1--
Rink 15201.41.92525
Rink DS3100123.12545
Rink 10051.50.753025
Rink 1205 Mounted1.8130-
Rink 20201.41.92525
Rink DS1200121.22525
Rink DS20001222535
Rink DS550 Mounted120.55--
Rink DS3100 CB123.12560
Rink DS550 Trailed120.552525