Synthetic Turf

Redexim offer a large variety of equipment for synthetic turf applications including brushes and vacuums. Redexim brushes are designed to agitate and erect synthetic grass before following tines de-compact the infill material prior to preening and levelling. Cleaning systems help remove any debris, dust, and hair from the synthetic carpet, separating and reapplying infill back onto the carpet.

Model VariantWorking Width (m)Max. Working Depth (mm)Max. Working Speed (km/h)Minimum Tractor HP Requirement
Verti-Top 18001.80-26525
RTC Plus2.73---
Base Rake W/Brushes1.5--16
Speed-Clean 17001.670-1012-
Verti-Comb 18001.8-1230
Base Rake W/Soft Brushes1.5--16
Speed Clean 10000.970-1012-
Top-Brush 60006201540
Speed-Brush (Soft)1.4-15-
Speed-Brush (Hard)1.4-15-
Verti-Top TB1.450-261218
Verti-Top 12001.20-26525
Verti-Broom 18501.85--10
Rink 12101.8-3020
Verti-Broom WB1---
Verti-Broom 24002.4--10

Verti-Top 1800

RTC Plus

Verti-Comb 1800

Top-Brush 6000

Verti-Top TB

Rink 1210


Base Rake W/Brushes

Base Rake W/Soft Brushes

Speed-Brush (Soft)

Verti-Top 1200

Verti-Broom WB


Speed-Clean 1700

Speed Clean 1000

Speed-Brush (Hard)

Verti-Broom 1850

Verti-Broom 2400