Scarification and Sweeping

Scarification and Sweeping is the process of removing organic matter in the form of moss and thatch from around the base of grass plants. This process keeps the grass layer clean from debris and removes the possible build-up of thatch, allowing the correct nutrients and water to reach the soil, allowing healthy grass to grow.

Model VariantWorking Width (m)Weight (Kg)Max. Working Speed (km/h)Minimum Tractor HP Requirement
Turf-Tidy 3000 as Scarifier1.81528-45
Turf-Tidy 3000 as Sweeper1.81528-25
Verti-Cut 16001.6395743
Verti-Cut 20002430752
Verti-Rake 2002.082261218
Pedestrian Scarifier – Fixed Blade----
Pedestrian Scarifier – Swing Blade----



Verti-Cut 1600

Pedestrian Scarifier – Fixed Blade

Turf-Tidy 3000 as Scarifier

Verti-Cut 2000

Pedestrian Scarifier – Swing Blade

Turf-Tidy 3000 as Sweeper

Verti-Rake 200