Turf surfaces can often be worn down in high traffic areas, such as entry and exit points, golf greens or football pitch centres. Overseeding thin grass areas can help avoid the formation of bare spots within the area. The process of adding extra seed to or over existing turf can be accomplished using Redexim’s dimple or disc overseeding machines.

Dimple seeders create seed pockets in the soil with conical spikes, seed is then dropped into the created holes. Seed which is left of the top surface is then brushed in prior to a rear roller closing over the holes, trapping in the grass seed. This method of overseeding is ideal if a large area requires overseeding, however this may not be the most precise option. Dimple overseeding can be high density while ensuring surfaces can be corrected with minimal surface disturbance.

Model VariantWorking Width (m)Max. Working Depth (mm)Hopper Capacity (L)Minimum Tractor HP Requirement
Multi-Seeder 12001.25-2015025
Multi-Seeder 16001.65-2020035
Multi-Seeder 21002.15-2027045
Cultipack Seeder 9100.91-55-
Speedseed 11001.15-2016920
Speedseed 15001.55-2022430
Speedseed 200025-2029740
Speeded Walk Behind0.65-2075-

Multi-Seeder 1200

Cultipack Seeder 910

Speedseed 2000

Multi-Seeder 1600

Speedseed 1100

Speeded Walk Behind

Multi-Seeder 2100

Speedseed 1500

Disc overseeders create grooves in the soil before accurately dropping seed down ready for the rear roller to close the groove and protect the seed, ready for the germination process to begin. This precise method of overseeding helps protect seed from birds and wind, increasing the chances of a guaranteed good germination rate.

Model VariantWorking Width (m)Max. Working Depth (mm)Hopper Capacity (L)Minimum Tractor HP Requirement
Overseeder 3D 12751.22021230
Overseeder 3D 15751.582027640
Overseeder 3D 1575 LV1.5820276-

Overseeder 3D 1275

Overseeder 3D 1575

Overseeder 3D 1575 LV