Redexim can take care of all your landscaping needs, whether you are after the Blecavator 145 to help with the cultivation of new seed areas or the Multi-Seeder 2100 to assist in the reseeding of existing areas, Redexim have you covered.

Model VariantWorking Width (m)Weight (Kg)Max. Working Depth (mm)Minimum Tractor HP Requirement
Blecavator 1451.45751100-18035-65
Blecavator 2102.1911100-18060-90
Multivator 18001.81050Up to 140100-150
Multi-Seeder 12001.26195-2025
Multi-Seeder 16001.67505-2035
Multi-Seeder 21002.19225-2045
Laser-Grader 1500 Dual Pole1.5345-30
Laser-Grader 1500TPP Dual Pole1.5406-18
Laser-Grader 1800 Dual Pole1.8683-40
Laser-Grader 24002.41415-50
Cultipack Seeder 9100.91325--
Power Box Rake 8000.8927512

Blecavator 145

Multi-Seeder 1200

Laser-Grader 1500 Dual Pole

Laser-Grader 2400

Blecavator 210

Multi-Seeder 1600

Laser-Grader 1500TPP Dual Pole

Cultipack Seeder 910

Multivator 1800

Multi-Seeder 2100

Laser-Grader 1800 Dual Pole

Power Box Rake 800