Aeration is an important process to help keep the ground conditions optimal for turf growth by allowing moisture, nutrients, and oxygen to reach down to the plant roots. Aeration helps reduce compaction within the soil, encourage deep root growth and boosts ground drainage. Redexim offers a range of implements, each using different methods of aeration, deep tine, core, spike, and linear.

Deep tine aerators create deep holes into the turf without removing any soil. Redexim’s Verti-Drain models insert tines which kicks to lift and shatter soil in a uniform manner. This helps reduce compaction and creates enough space for water and air to reach deep grass roots.

Model VariantWorking DepthWorking WidthMinimum Tractor HP Requirement
Verti-Drain 2519250mm1.95m60
Verti-Drain 7215250mm1.56m25
Verti-Drain 7316300mm1.6m28
Verti-Drain 7416350mm1.6m35
Verti-Drain 1513150mm1.32m25
Verti-Drain 1517150mm1.76m28
Verti-Drain 2216225mm1.6m45
Verti-Drain 7212250mm1.2m18
Verti-Drain 7521400mm2.1m55
Verti-Drain 7626400mm2.6m65

Verti-Drain 2519

Verti-Drain 7416

Verti-Drain 2216

Verti-Drain 7626

Verti-Drain 7215

Verti-Drain 1513

Verti-Drain 7212

Verti-Drain 7316

Verti-Drain 1517

Verti-Drain 7521

Linear aerators use discs or knives to make continuous slit lines into the soil, creating ideal drainage channels while also encouraging air into turf surfaces. Fitted with powered blades, Redexim’s Verti-Quake can de-compact soil laterally, creating space for air and water while boosting plant growth.   

Model VariantWorking DepthWorking WidthMinimum Tractor HP Requirement
Verti-Quake 2516250mm1.6m30-45
Verti-Quake 2521250mm2.1m35-55

Verti-Quake 2516

Verti-Quake 2521

Core aerators use hollow or coring tines which remove soil and thatch from the turf surface. Extracted material can be redistributed across the turf surface, while the holes made can be filled with sand or any other topdressing which will help re-establish and boost deep root growth.

Model VariantWorking DepthWorking WidthMinimum Tractor HP Requirement
Easy-Core 10470mm0.36mN/A

Easy-Core 104

Spike or slit aeration is a passive process which creates air and drainage channels in the top layer of the soil structure. Blades enter the turf quickly, leaving very little surface disruption. This method of aeration is an efficient and fast process which can be adaptable to different ground and soil types.

Model VariantWorking DepthWorking WidthMinimum Tractor HP Requirement
Level-Spike 17002501.8m35

Level-Spike 1700