Get to know Steven Methven

by | Jun 22, 2023 | News

Introducing Steven Methven, an Agricultural Account Manager,  located at HRN’s Stirling Depot.

Tell us a little about yourself

 I am a passionate and driven 18-year-old who is not afraid to face a challenge. I finished sixth form at The JCB Academy last year and I am now a qualified engineer.  I am currently employed as an ag account manager based at HRN’s Stirling Depot and an active member of my local Young Farmers Club – I am keen to get involved with all things farming related.


What attracted you to HRN and sales?

 I wanted to try a new experience and stay in the world of farming but never thought I would be able to work in sales, however I am here now and enjoying every day doing just that.


What are any challenges you face in the job?

So far, the biggest challenge I have faced is learning more about the products HRN offer due to supplying such a large range of machinery and with each customer or business having different needs and requirements.  On the plus side, this has allowed me to boost my product knowledge, and I am adding to this every day.


What tip would you give to anyone interested in this career?

A top tip I would give someone joining HRN would be to take advantage of every opportunity to get in a tractor as this is a great way to gain experience with different types of machinery.  By driving and using the machines, I can use that extra knowledge about the product if the customer has questions and queries.

Thanks Steven, finally tell me what one item you would bring with you on holiday and why.

If I could only take one item with me on holiday it would be my iPad so that I could keep up with all the latest football matches while on the beach, especially the Rangers games. I suppose I could check out the updated price lists which Andy sends to me too!