Get to know Olive Kerr

by | Dec 14, 2020 | News

Introducing Olive Kerr, our Construction Coordinator who started with the company in November and is located at our Stirling depot. Olive works with both HRN products and also our sister company Agritrac’s products.


We recently caught up with Olive to find out more about her work experience, what she loves about her job role, and what she likes to do to unwind when she isn’t in the office.


Tell us about your construction industry experience?

I have worked for 39 years for a Construction Dealership. It was through my dedication to the construction industry that I gained valuable knowledge from working closely with both the Kubota and Hyundai brands. 


What made you want to be part of the team?

It made perfect sense to join the team, not only would I get to continue to work with the Kubota brand, I would be able to work with the Hyundai brand through HRN’s sister company Agritrac. I knew that I would be in a unique position to use the contacts that I have gained over the years, to introduce them to both HRN and Agritrac, helping with the growth of the business’s portfolio.

What do you like most about your job role?

I love the buzz and the fast pace that the construction industry offers. My new role is going well, and I have been made to feel a valued member of the team. I look forward to continuing to help grow and develop more business opportunities for the company.


What is Olive’s interest outside of work?

I have one daughter and two beautiful granddaughters, the latest one born at the speed of light a few weeks ago. This has kept me busy!

I also love to meet up with friends and family for meals, days out, etc. One of my main interests is travelling for holidays – sadly not this year, but I will make up for this when it is safe to do so and restrictions are lifted.