Get to know Leigh Dalgleish

by | Jan 19, 2021 | News

Introducing Leigh Dalgleish, Sales Representative at our Stirling Depot.

We wanted to learn more about Leigh and his work experience within the construction industry.


Leigh, tell us about your work experience within the construction industry?

I’ve worked within the hire/construction industry for over 30 years. I started in parts for 13 years and then moved into purchasing for a further three years for a great firm, ‘Webster Powe Products’. I then went into a management role. However, my first sales role was with Bobcat.


What does your role entail & what do you enjoy about your job?

My main role is to sell and promote the full line of excavators, which include mini, midi and large along with wheeled loaders for Hyundai Construction. To do my job successfully, you must be a people person, which I luckily am. I get to meet lots of people and have the privilege of building great relationships with customers.


Tell us why you joined the Agritrac team & what your hopes are for the future?

I joined Agritrac to maintain relationships with existing Hyundai customers I had built up over the years. I think many salesmen just turn up to earn a living, which is fine, but I’ve always had a real passion for the brand, just like the customer that purchases the machines with their hard-earned money, and I think and hope they see my enthusiasm.


So, how do you switch off when you’re not working?

I love spending weekends with my lovely wife Laura & our adorable little one-eyed cat, Isabella. Some of my other hobbies are snowboarding, deep-sea diving, sky diving and Yoda hunting (only kidding). Everybody is probably sick of hearing this, but we have just finished our kitchen extension after a disastrous first day back in July, so I’m now an expert in Project Management!

My main hobby is keeping fit – I normally go to the gym every day (obviously not just now). I also love watching TV to relax, my favourites series being The Blacklist, Walking Dead and Mandalorian on Disney Plus was awesome. I have a passion for cooking and watching my favourite football team, Aberdeen (well boring me to tears is more accurate just now). I’m a keen golfer and proud to play off a handicap of 13. I love fashion, although you wouldn’t know it with the comments in a recent LinkedIn post!!!!! I collect Nike Air Jordan 1 and Adidas Yeezy 350 trainers.

I also like talking!