Get to Know Gayle Morrison

by | Jun 29, 2023 | News

Introducing Gayle Morrison, a member of our Sales Support team based at our Stirling Depot.

Tell us a little bit about your current role  

I am one of two sales support administrators for HRN and am based at the Stirling depot.  I take calls for each of our depots throughout Scotland which allows me to interact with lots of other HRN colleagues.  I also assist with valuations, logging calls and leads onto the CRM and updating stock on the websites. 


So – what made you decide to join HRN? 

I originally applied for a job in the parts department having seen the job advertised and looked into the company.  The idea of working for a family run business appealed to me along with the idea of being involved in the agricultural world.  However, during the interview, it was suggested I may be more suited to Sales Support due to my background in administration and I started the following week – the rest, as they say, is history. 


Since joining the HRN team, what has been your funniest/most memorable moment? 

Every day is unpredictable.  I once answered a call as usual to find myself talking to a gentleman who was keen to discuss politics, price hikes in living, conspiracy theories, religion, the advertising strategies of the business, alien invasions to name just a few topics.  At one point, I was convinced the call was a prank by one of my colleagues, but it turns out it was just a chatty Irish man who wanted a good yarn.  I recently somehow ripped my trousers at work, but thankfully that was kept quiet and covered with a strategically placed jacket!! 

I have introduced the Friday song to the Stirling office.  So far there are only 4 enthusiasts, but I have visions of a Scotland wide depot collective sing song on a Friday morning by the end of the year. 


We hear that you were involved in organising a recent event for HRN and Kubota, this must have been an exciting experience! 

This was a highlight of my time so far with HRN.  We were lucky enough to host visitors from Kubota all the way from Japan just this weekend including the President of the Company itself.  I was involved in the planning of an open day event for colleagues and their families to meet and for the guests to see where their machines are being sold.  This involved organising catering, entertainment, decorations, VIP gifts bags and the blowing up of endless balloons.  The whole workforce pulled together to make sure the depot was looking tip top and we were lucky enough for the sun to shine too.  An enjoyable day was had by all. 


If you could have dinner with any celebrity (dead or alive), who would it be?   

That is an easy one – George Michael!! I have loved him since his days in WHAM! and was fortunate enough to see him live several times.  His generosity is only now being revealed as it comes out how many people and charities he helped anonymously over the years.  A wonderful, gifted singer taken too soon.  I never understood why people cried when a celebrity they had never met passed away, but I shed several tears that day.