Get to know Darren Gilmour

by | Apr 9, 2024 | News

Introducing Darren Gilmour, one of our new Hyundai Account Managers,  located at the Stirling Depot.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have worked for around 30 years in the plant and construction industry. From driving plant machinery, putting it to work and hiring it out, I have been involved in almost all areas of the industry.


What did you do before you came to work with the HRN Group? 

Before joining I was involved in operations for a large Scottish hire company.


What attracted you to join the HRN Group as a Construction Account Manager?

 With plant machinery being my passion and after speaking to Stuart and Ian about the role and the growth plans for the group, I really wanted to be part of a constantly evolving organisation.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role?  

This is an exciting opportunity for me, I am looking forward to seeing customers some existing and some new and discussing their machinery requirements. But one of the best parts is going to be showcasing the Hyundai products as the product innovation and design is first class.


What do you like about the range of equipment that we have to offer, and if you had to pick a favourite what would it be and why?

It must be heavy excavators, as mentioned earlier I got to drive them in the early years of my career and yeah, they are one of my favourite products.


So, how do you switch off when you’re not working?

 Gosh! When I’m not working, I love spending time with the family, normally we head out on a nice walk with the dog. Though I do enjoy playing golf and tennis to keep active.

So you could be our very own Andy Murray???