The Kubota M6002 Series.


The Kubota M6002 series of tractors offer both power and efficiency for livestock and mixed farms.

There are three model variants to choose from – M6122, M6132 and M6142. All are equipped with a 4-cylinder stage V engine and the latest Kubota technology that will help with sustainability and cater to the needs of the modern-day farmer.

If you’re looking for a tractor that offers reliability, power, low operational costs, efficiency, ease of use and comfort, then look no further than the Kubota M6002 series.


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Model VariantMax Power w/o Boost (HP)Max Power with Boost (HP)

Guaranteeing maximum performance, efficiency, and reliability.


  • The Kubota Stage V 4-cylinder engine offers maximum power, whilst keeping your fuel consumption low
  • With a large fuel tank that easily holds 230-litres of fuel, it allows you to be operational for many hours before having to think about refuelling
  •  ‘Power boost’ function offers you an extra 20hp

The M6002 series transmission offers you high speed, outstanding performance, and ease of use.


  • Comes with the 24F/24R powershift transmission as standard (there is also the option to select the 32F/32R Creeper Group)
  • The modern transmission can make light work of the most demanding of field work and fast haulage applications
  • You can shift gears either by the ease of touching a button or if you prefer to use the multifunction lever
  • With a simple flick of a switch, you can change the speed of travel
  • No longer do you have to stop the tractor by using the clutch, Kubota has introduced the new “Xpress Restart” function
  • Can easily take on the toughest of front loader jobs
  • It offers a powerful rear lifting capacity of 7000kg, and the CCLS hydraulic system allows a flow capacity of 115/min
  • With one hydraulic pump and single filter, maintenance is even easier
  • Fitted with 3 mechanical valves as standard, with an additional valve available as an optional extra
  • The large cabin offers you plenty of space and comfort, essential for those long working days
  • With wide-opening doors, it makes entering and exiting the tractor safe and easy
  • Built with comfort in mind, it has a sprung cab and premium seats
  • All controls are easily accessible
  • The large sliding glass roof means you can easily see the front loader when in use
  • The M6002 can take on tight turning manoeuvres with ease, including when the front loader is fully raised
  • Kubota’s front axle with bevel gear allows an impressive steering angle of 35 – 55 degrees
  • It offers a ground clearance of 58cm
  • With the Bi-Speed technology that Kubota offers, it makes turning easier whilst still being gentle on soil


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