Get to know Martin Whyte

by | Dec 23, 2020 | News

Introducing Martin Whyte, our Group Parts Manager 


We recently caught up with Martin to find out more about his work experience at HRN, what he loves about his job role, and what he likes to do when he isn’t working.


Tell us about working for HRN?


I’ve been at HRN since April 2012, joining the team as a young storeman with barely any agricultural experience (except being brought up in the country and seeing farms and machinery every day). Fast forward five years and I was approached to take on the new Group Parts Manager’s role that had newly been created.

My office is based in Insch but I visit all of the depots as much as I can – usually on a monthly basis, but recently I’ve been at every depot more frequently, before lockdown kicks in. With this role, I’m responsible for the Parts Department as a whole. The basics of that include, being responsible for the great team we have within the department; Group purchases; liaising with suppliers (new and existing); co-ordinating with the other Group managers within HRN to make sure that the Group is working as one big team, and many, many more tasks.


As HRN’s Group Parts Manager, what do you like about your role?


My favourite thing about the job in general is travelling the length and breadth of Scotland (and the UK to be fair), seeing different scenery all the time, but also meeting new people (customers, colleagues and suppliers) that I would probably have never met in my previous role at HRN. With the geography that HRN covers, there are people from all walks of life and each depot has a different customer base, each with their own unique values, characteristics and stories to tell. Secretly, I still enjoy diving back in the stores on the odd occasion, helping out and being back in my old shoes. It’s quite a  sense of job satisfaction when a customer or colleague asks for something that you can quickly sort out for them, compared to some of the longer projects I work on in my current role.


What are your career goals?


What do I hope for in my future career? Eventually seeing my desk again under the mound of paper on it! I would still like to continue improving myself to make sure the things I’m doing in this role are positive developments all round, for everyone to benefit from.


When you’re not travelling the length of the UK on business, what do you like to do?


When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I often don’t see them through the week, so we make sure we get as much family time at the weekends as we can. Our twin boys will be 1 on Christmas Eve, and are just on the boundary of walking, so they keep my wife (Linda) and I on our toes. Saturday is our lad’s morning while Linda works, then Sundays we usually enjoy going for family walks with our six-year-old tri-colour Collie, Benji – often going up hills or seeing landmarks and many other places that aren’t really buggy friendly. Now and again, we like to head off for long weekends, whether it’s in the caravan or lodges. There’s plenty to see around Scotland, which ties in with the travelling and weekend adventures.